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"Our work with Alex Pokot aimed to receive a patent for our innovation, a patent that was previously rejected several times. Without that patent, our innovation would have been copied, and we would be crushed by large corporations in the ready mix concrete industry.


What we appreciate most about working with Alex is his focus, out-of-the-box thinking, his wit and shrewdness, all of which have resulted in a long waited patent.


When our patent was finally issued,  it turned the status of our company 180 degrees.


Instead of being crushed, we are currently partnering with one of the largest corporations in the industry.  


It will not be exaggerated to claim that Alex Pokot sharp brain has saved the fate of our company."


Boby Berman, Owner/Inventor, SensoCrete Inc.

"Searching for a patent agent/attorney is a formidable task. My case was handed over to Alex by another agency, so I didn’t find Alex in the usual way. He has exceeded my expectations especially in hindsight. I consider myself “One of the lucky ones”. I have felt like an important client from the very first day Alex and I spoke on the phone. Several years and several patents and patent applications later, I still feel like that same important client. I have grown confident in Alex’s abilities to navigate the scary, complicated and complex nature of USPTO protocols and procedures. He keeps me informed of all pertinent issues and due dates. Alex has been a model of true professionalism. I try to follow his example. He is knowledgeable with humility, in control and organized. I have nothing but respect and admiration for his work and conduct."


Kim Horn,


Track -A -Dose

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"As a serial inventor, working with Alex Pokot is a necessity for me. Everything that people say about lawyers, does not apply to Alex: lawyers are not honest, they are stiff and non-creative, and they abuse their power to charge you for every phone call, every email without guaranteeing results. No wonder no one likes lawyers.


What I appreciate so much about Alex that is not a lawyer and is that he is the opposite to all of the above. Alex's advice if so valuable and honest, that it is a decision maker for me. When Alex says that he cannot stand behind a patent; I scrap the whole idea. Yet when Alex says that he is comfortable with an idea, I take it all the way because I know that Alex would guide me, find ways to charge me fairly, and offer such wise and creative advice that I found myself amending my product accordingly.


We all want to believe practitioners. I believe Alex 100%. Before meeting Alex Pokot, I did not think it was possible. Now that I've been working with Alex for several years, I can truly say that he is my rock for anything patent."


Dully Katzeff,


Pill Coater

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