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Alexander Pokot 

Alexander Pokot  is a registered Patent Agent with USPTO and has 23 years of experience in patent preparation and prosecution. He also adds 21 years of engineering and manufacturing experience to understand and be able to work directly with and alongside small businesses with solo inventors.  Alex specializes in mechanical, electrical and electronic arts. He works with corporate clients and individual inventors in obtaining broadest utility and design patent protection. 



Alex currently is the Vice President of the National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP).

He is also served as a chair of  the 2019  (NAPP) Annual Meeting and Conference (AMC) committee.  


NAPP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting patent practitioners and those working in the field of patent law in matters relating to patent prosecution and its practice.


The NAPP Mission is to provide networking, education, collegial exchange, benefits, and a collective voice in the larger IP community on patent law and prosecution practice, so that patent practitioners can flourish and achieve the highest levels of competence and professionalism in their practice.

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